living room cabinets

We create stunning living room cabinets designed to maximise the available space of a living room.
Our sitting room cabinets, combine beauty and elegance with innovation and practicality. Our master craftsmen can seamlessly integrate the living room units with the existing interior of the property.

Our team have designed traditional ornate living room cabinets along with modern streamlined pieces that incorporate the minimalism of contemporary interior design.

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Alcove Additions

Sitting room alcoves provide the perfect space to create built-in storage.

These often neglected spaces, when properly utilised, add an elegant flourish to a room, while maximising the storage capacities of the room.

Our beautiful and practical sitting room units are handcrafted and customised to the unique specifications of the client’s property.

Custom Sitting Room Unit Creations

We love a challenge as much as we love making our client's wildest cabinet dreams come true.

Our master craftsman has worked on a number of one-off commissioned pieces.
From open-plan offices to studio apartments and unique staircase designs, we have created utterly unique, unforgettable customised pieces.

Made in collaboration with our clients, our commission pieces make tangle and real, even the most quirky and eclectic ideas.

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